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The internet industry is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive online community and workforce to better reflect society at large. Companies with diverse workforces perform more effectively and create more innovative products, and collective action from the industry is necessary to pave the way forward for internet companies that need to attract and retain diverse talent.

What We’re Doing:

To help improve overall D&I efforts within the industry, Internet Association (IA) launched a job referral site that features open job listings across IA’s member companies. IA is partnering with nonprofits and other relevant stakeholders to develop a strong database of talented candidates for open positions within the industry—available now at

The internet industry understands how critical it is that job seekers are able to use online tools to connect with prospective employers.

Partner: AnitaB

Partner: Thurgood Marshall College Fund
Partner: HBCU Caucus

Some Background:

Internet Association, which represents more than 40 of the world’s leading internet companies, conducts an annual D&I Benchmark Report in collaboration with IA member companies to identify areas where companies can share best practices, adopt and expand existing successful initiatives, and develop evidence-based standards to improve overall D&I efforts among the internet industry.

The internet industry recognizes that more work remains to address this important issue, especially in today’s uncertain environment where many campuses and businesses have closed their doors and are unable to rely on traditional campus interviews and job fairs to attract talent.


IA’s first annual D&I Benchmark Report found that 56 percent of member companies regularly recruit from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI), or other predominantly minority-serving institutions.

About The Job Referral Site

Internet Association’s job referral site serves as a centralized location and new resource for diverse job candidates who are typically underrepresented in the internet industry. Interested candidates can apply to open positions at participating IA member companies, refer colleagues and contacts, and gain general awareness of opportunities in the internet industry.

Whether you’re new to the site or a returning applicant, viewing, sharing, and applying for open positions is easy and seamless.

  • How To Get Started:

    • Visit
    • Click on “Signup for Job Alerts” to receive email updates with new jobs
    • Click on “See More Opportunities” to search for jobs
  • How To View, Share, & Apply For Jobs:

    • Search for job listings using keywords and/or location (city, state, zip code)
    • Submit an application by clicking “Apply Now” and enter your email and resume
    • Share relevant listings with your network via social media and email
    • View listings that are veteran preferred
  • How Referrals Work:

    • Anyone can refer a friend or contact in their network to apply for a job found on the site
    • Click on “Refer Somebody I Know” to share relevant listings with your network
    • Your referred contact will receive a unique link to apply and upload their resume
    • Once they submit their application, you can track their progress in the interview process through the “My Activity” dashboard

IA’s job referral site is part of the internet industry’s commitment to improve the representation of populations that have been historically underrepresented in the internet industry.