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We are the unified voice of the internet economy

Our mission is to foster innovation, promote economic growth, and empower people through the free and open internet.

Policy Positions

Internet Association is committed to promoting policies that protect the internet’s future. We are continuously updating so stay with us and check back for more.

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The Impact Of The Internet Economy

The internet means jobs, opportunity, and growth for every community in every state. Individuals, businesses, and community organizations rely on it for their continued success. Below is a snapshot of why the internet matters to people across the United States.

6M Direct jobs created That’s the equivalent of 4% of total employment.
13M Indirect jobs supported That means every internet sector job supports 2 indirect jobs.
$2.1T Added to the GDP That makes the internet sector the fourth largest U.S. industry, representing 10.1% of total output.
$64B Invested into the economy IA members alone invested more than $40 billion.